Paternity to Pellucid

Paternity, n.

    1. Fathership, fatherhood.
    2. Origin, derivation from a father.
    3. Origin, authorship.

Pater noster. [L.]

    1. The Lord’s prayer.
    2. Rosary.

Path, n.

    1. Track (trodden), footway, pathway.
    2. Road, way, course, route, passage, avenue.

Pathetic, a. Affecting, touching, moving, melting, tender, plaintive.

Pathless, a. Untrodden, trackless.

Pathos, n.

    1. Passion, warmth of feeling, tender emotion.
    2. Pathetic quality, tender tone, patheticalness.

Pathway, n.

    1. Path, footway, track.
    2. Way, course of life.

Patience, n.

    1. Endurance.
    2. Endurance (without complaint), fortitude, resignation, submission, sufferance, long-sufferance, long- suffering, calmness, composure.

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