Lickerish to Listen

Lickerish, a.

    1. Hankering (to lick or taste), craving, longing.
    2. Lecherous. See Libidinous.
    3. Dainty, nice, fastidious.
    4. Dainty, tempting, appetizing.

Lickerous, a. See Lickerish.

Lickspittle, n. Abject parasite, mean flatterer, lick-platter, lick-trencher.

Lid, n.

    1. Cover, covercle, top.
    2. Eyelid.

Lie, n.

    1. Falsehood, malicious or deliberate falsification, intentional untruth, criminal falsehood, suggestio falsi, suppressio veri, fib (humorous euphemism).
    2. Delusion, illusion, fleeting show.

Lie, v. n.

    1. Falsify, fib, tell a lie.
    2. Recline, lie, couch, lie down, be prostrate, be recumbent.
    3. Be placed, be laid.
    4. Be, rest, remain.
    5. Be situated, be located.
    6. Consist.
    7. (Law.) Be sustainable.

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