Lee to Lick

Lee, n. Leeward, lee-side, side sheltered from the wind.

Leer, v. n. Look askance (in contempt).

Lees, n. pl. Dregs, sediment, settlings, precipitate, dunder.

Leeward, n. Lee, lee-side.

Legacy, n. Bequest, devise, gift by will.

Legal, a. Lawful, legitimate, legalized, authorized or sanctioned (by law), according to law.

Legality, n. Lawfulness, conformity to law.

Legalize, v. a.

    1. Authorize, permit by law.
    2. Sanction, legitimate, legitimize, make legal, confirm by law.

Legate, n.

    1. Envoy, deputy, delegate. See Ambassador.
    2. Papal ambassador, pope’s legate, cardinal legate.

Legation, n. Embassy, deputation, body of diplomatists.

Legend, n.

    1. Fable, myth, fiction, doubtful narrative, fictitious story.
    2. Motto (round a coin or a medal).

Legendary, a. Fabulous, fictitious, mythical.

Legerdemain, n. Juggle, juggling, sleight of hand.

Legible, a.

    1. Readable, plain, fair, decipherable.
    2. Manifest, apparent, recognizable, discoverable.

Legion, n.

    1. Army, host, military force, body of troops.

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