Latitudinarian to Lee

Latitudinarian, a. Liberal to an extreme (in opinion), over-liberal, loose, lax, free-thinking, over-tolerant.

Latitudinarianism, n. Extravagant liberalism, laxity, free-thinking, over-toleration.

Latten, n. Sheet tin, tinned iron plate.

Latter, a.

    1. Last mentioned (of two).
    2. Recent, modern.

Latterly, ad. Lately, recently, of late.

Lattice, n. Trellis, lattice-work.

Lattice-work, n. Lattice, trellis.

Laud, v. a. Praise, extol, celebrate, magnify.

Laudable, a. Commendable, praiseworthy.

Laudanum, n. Tincture of opium.

Laudation, n. Praise, commendation, eulogy, compliment, encomium.

Laudatory, a.

    1. Commendatory, panegyrical, eulogistic, complimentary, encomiastic, adulatory, flattering.
    2. Lavish or extravagant of praise.

Laugh, n. Laughter, cachinnation.

Laugh, v. n. Cachinnate.

Laughable, a. Comical, droll, funny, ludicrous, farcical, ridiculous.

Laugh at. Ridicule, deride, mock, scoff, scoff at, sneer at, laugh to scorn, make fun of, poke fun at.

Laughing, a. Merry, mirthful, gay, gleeful.

Laughing, n. Laughter.

Laughing-gas, n. Nitrous oxide, protoxide of nitrogen, exhilarating gas.

Laughing-stock, n. Butt (of jests), object of ridicule.

Laughter, n. Laughing, laugh.

Laugh to scorn. Ridicule, deride, despise, sneer at, laugh at, laugh down, treat with contempt.

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