Inextricable to Infusion

Inextricable, a. Intricate, perplexed, entangled, that cannot be disentangled, not to be unravelled.

In fact.

    1. Really, truly, in truth, in reality, indeed.
    2. As a matter of fact, in point of fact, indeed, to tell the truth.
    3. Actually, as a mere fact, de facto

Infallibility, n.

    1. Infallibleness, exemption from liability to err, incapability of error, absolute perfection of judgment.
    2. Certainty

Infallible, a.

    1. Unerring, not liable to err, incapable of error.
    2. Certain, sure, unfailing, not liable to fail.

Infallibleness, n. See Infallibility.

Infallibly, ad. Certainly, surely, unfailingly, without fail.

Infamous, a.

    1. Disreputable, of ill repute, ill spoken of.
    2. Disgraceful, dishonorable, shameful, shameless, odious, detestable, scandalous, outrageous, ignominious, base, vile, nefarious, villanous, heinous, atrocious, wicked, dark, damnable.

Infamy, n.

    1. Dishonor, disgrace, discredit, disrepute, shame, ignominy, obloquy, opprobrium, odium, scandal, abasement.
    2. Disgracefulness, dishonorableness, shamefulness, odiousness, detestableness, scandalousness, wickedness, atrocity, villany.

Infancy, n.

    1. Babyhood, first part of life, early childhood.

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