Indiscipline to In extremis

Indiscipline, n.

    1. Lack of discipline, lax discipline, laxity, insubordination.
    2. Lack of instruction, defective instruction, want of training.

Indiscreet, a. Imprudent, injudicious, unwise, inconsiderate, foolish, rash, incautious, reckless, heedless, headlong.

Indiscretion, n.

    1. Imprudence, inconsiderateness, rashness, folly.
    2. Mistake, misstep, indiscreet act, act of indiscretion, faux pas.
    3. Slip from virtue, false step, decline from chastity, imprudence, act of folly, misstep, faux pas.

Indiscriminate, a.

    1. Undiscriminating, undistinguishing.
    2. Confused, mixed, mingled, undistinguish able, promiscuous.

Indispensable, a. Necessary, essential, requisite, needful, needed, not to be dispensed with.

Indispose, v. a. Disincline, render averse, make unfavorable, render reluctant.

Indisposed, a.

    1. Disinclined, unwilling, reluctant, averse, loath, backward, not disposed.
    2. Ill, unwell, ailing, sick, out of health, out of sorts.

Indisposition, n.

    1. Disinclination, unwillingness, reluctance, dislike, aversion, backwardness.
    2. Illness, sickness, ailment, poor health.

Indisputable, a. Incontestable, incontrovertible, unquestionable, undeniable, indubitable, irrefragable, evident, obvious, certain, not to be disputed, beyond all question, beyond a doubt, past dispute.

Indissoluble, a.

    1. Inseparable, never to be sundered, impossible to be sundered or broken.

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