Incredible to Indiscerptible

Incredible, a. Impossible to believe, inadmissible, beyond belief.

Incredulity, n. Incredulousness, distrust, scepticism, want of belief, indisposition to believe.

Incredulous, a. Unbelieving, sceptical, disposed to doubt, indisposed to believe.

Increment, n. Augmentation, addition, increase, enlargement.

Incriminate, v. a.

    1. Accuse, impeach, charge, inculpate, blame, criminate.
    2. Criminate, involve in guilt, make out guilty.

Incrust, v. a. Cover with a crust, coat over.

Incrustation, n.

    1. Incrusting.
    2. Crust, coating.

Incubate, v. n. Brood.

Incubus, n.

    1. Nightmare.
    2. Demon of nightmare, nightmare-fiend.
    3. Encumbrance, clog, impediment, oppression, load, burden, hindrance, drag weight, dead weight.

Inculcate, v. a. Impress, enforce, instil, infuse, infix, ingraft, implant.

Inculcation, n. Enforcement, etc.

Inculpable, a. Unblamable, irreprehensible, irreprovable, irreproachable, blameless, faultless, sinless, innocent.

Inculpate, v. a. Accuse, charge, impeach, criminate, incriminate, blame, censure, impute guilt to, involve in guilt.

Inculpation, n. Crimination, incrimination, blame, charge, impeachment, censure.

Inculpatory, a. Incriminating, criminatory, tending to criminate or inculpate, tending to establish guilt, involving in guilt.

Incumbent, a.

    1. Obligatory, binding, devolving, devolved, laid.

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