Gathering to Get over

Gathering, n.

    1. Acquisition collecting, procuring, earning, gain.
    2. Assemblage, assembly, company, meeting, collection, concourse, congregation, muster.
    3. Abscess, sore, ulcer, fester, imposthume, pustule, suppuration, suppurating tumor.

Gaucherie, n. [Fr.] Uncouthness, awkwardness, blundering, bungling, lack of social polish.

Gaud, n. [Written also Gawd.] Trinket, gewgaw, bawble, trifle, toy, worthless piece of finery.

Gaudy, a. Flaunting, garish, tawdry, glittering, tinsel, over-decorated, flashy, showy, loud (colloq.).

Gauge, v.a.

    1. Measure (a cask, etc.), find the contents of, ascertain the capacity of.
    2. Measure (as to ability), estimate.

Gauge, n.

    1 Measure, standard, means of estimating.
    2. Measure, measuring instrument, carpenter’s gauge.

Gaunt, a. Lean, thin, lank, emaciated, meagre, slender, spare, attenuated.

Gavel,i. Mallet (of a presiding officer).

Gavial, n. Gangetic crocodile.

Gawk, n. Clown, boor, booby, awkward simpleton, lout, bumpkin, gawky.

Gawky, a. Awkward, ungainly, clownish, boorish, rustic, clumsy, raw, green, uncouth, loutish.

Gawky, n. Clown, boor, booby, lout, bumpkin, gawk, awkward simpleton.

Gay, a.

    1. Showy, bright, fine, brilliant, dashing.
    2. Gaudy, flaunting, flashy, garish, tawdry, glittering, tinsel, loud (colloq.).
    3. Merry, lively, cheerful, gleeful, jovial, sprightly, blithe, blithesome, airy, sportive, frolicsome, gladsome, jolly, vivacious, hilarious, light-hearted.

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