Gab to Gather


Gab, n. (Colloq.)

    1. Mouth.
    2. Prate, prattle, gabble, idle talk. See prate, n.

Gab, v. n. (Colloq.) Chatter, prate. See gabble, v. n.

Gabble, v. n. Chatter, prattle, babble, jabber, talk idly, rattle on. See prate, v. n.

Gabble, n. Prate, prattle, chatter, clack, cackle, gossip, palaver, gab, idle talk, small talk.

Gabbler, n. Prater, prattler, babbler, chatterer, tattler, gossip, gadabout, gadder, rattle-head, idle talker.

Gad, v. n.

    1. Rove about idly, ramble without definite purpose.
    2. Go unrestrainedly, wag, run loose.
    3. Gossip, rattle, prate, babble, tattle, talk mischievously.

Gadder, Gadabout, n.

    1. Rover, idler, rambler, vagrant, loafer.
    2. Gossip, tattler, babbler, chatterer, gabbler, prattler, prater, idle talker, talebearer.

Gadfly, n. Breese, horsefly, botfly.

Gael, n. Scotch Celt, Scotch Highlander.

Gaffer, n.

    1. Goodman.
    2. Old rustic, old fellow.
    3. Foreman (of navvies), overseer.

Gaffle, n.

    1. Artificial spur (for fighting cocks).

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