Fudge to Futurity

Fudge, interj. Nonsense, stuff, moonshine, pshaw, fiddle-de-dee, fiddle-faddle.

Fudge, n. Nonsense, stuff, moonshine, twaddle. See balderdash.

Fudge, v. a.

    1. Stick together, thrust together, fabricate, make up, contrive.
    2. Thrust in, foist, interpolate.

Fuel, n. Firing, combustible matter, combustibles, material for burning, firing material.

Fugacious, a. Transitory, transient, evanescent, fleeting. See fugitive.

Fugitive, a.

    1. Fleeing, flying, escaping.
    2. Transitory, transient, evanescent, fleeting, flying, fugacious, flitting, passing, momentary, short, brief, temporary, temporal, ephemeral, short-lived.

Fugitive, n. Runaway, deserter.

Fugleman, n. File-leader, director, flugelman, coryphæus.

Fulcrum, n. Support (of a lever), prop.

Fulfil, v. a. [Written also Fulfill.]

    1. Accomplish, effectuate, realize, effect, execute, bring to pass, complete, consummate, bring to completion, perfect, bring to perfection or greater perfection, carry out or to its intention.
    2. Observe, obey, perform, do, discharge, keep, adhere to, comply with, be faithful to.
    3. Meet, satisfy, answer, comply with, fill, fill out.

Fulfilment, n. [Written also Fulfillment.]

    1. Accomplishment, realization, execution, completion, consummation.
    2. Performance, discharge.
    3. Satisfaction, answering, meeting, filling.

Fulgurate, v. n. Flash, lighten.

Fulguration, n. Flashing, lightening.

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