Freshen to Fuddled

Freshen, v. a.

    1. Make fresher or less salt.
    2. Freshen up, reinvigorate, refresh, revive.

Freshen, v. n.

    1. Grow fresh, revive.
    2. Grow brisk (said of the wind), rise.

Freshen up.

    1. Revive, refresh, reinvigorate, freshen.
    2. Repair, make fresh, make look new, brighten up, make look bright or less faded.

Freshet, n. Sudden flood (in a river from rains or melting snow).

Freshman, n.

    1. Novice, tyro, beginner, learner.
    2. Student of the first year (in colleges), student of the lowest class.

Fret, v. a.

    1. Rub, chafe, wear (by friction), abrade, fray, gall, wear away.
    2. Vex, tease, irritate, gall, ruffle, provoke, nettle, affront, make angry.
    3. Annoy, worry, weary, harass, wear.
    4. Ripple, ruffle, agitate, roughen.
    5. Wear, wear away, gnaw into, corrode, cover with depressions.
    6. Variegate, diversify, ornament with raised or depressed work.
    7. Ornament with frets or fretting or fretwork.

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