For the nonce to Fresh

For the nonce. For the occasion, for the present time, for the present purpose, for the time being, temporarily.

For the present. For the time being, at present, for a while.

Forthwith, ad. Immediately, directly, instantly, instanter, without delay.

Fortification, n.

    1. Military architecture.
    2. Fort, stronghold, castle, citadel, bulwark, fortified place. See fortress.

Fortify, v.a.

    1. Protect by fortifications, surround with fortifications.
    2. Brace, strengthen, stiffen, reinforce, add strength to.
    3. Strengthen, confirm, corroborate.

Fortiter in re. [L.] With vigor and firmness in action.

Fortitude, n. Endurance (with courage), firmness, resolution, patience, strength of mind, passive courage.

Fortnight, n. Two weeks.

Fortress, n. Fortification, fort, stronghold, castle, citadel, fastness, bulwark, fortified place (of great magnitude).

Fortuitous, a. Accidental, casual, contingent, incidental, chance, happening by chance.

Fortuity, n. Accidentalness, casualness, chance, contingency.

Fortunate, a.

    1. Successful, prosperous, favored, happy. See lucky.
    2. Propitious, auspicious, favorable, advantageous, lucky, happy.

Fortune, n.

    1. Chance, accident, luck, hap, fortuity, casualty.
    2. Livelihood, means of living.
    3. Estate, substance, property, possessions.

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