Flawy to Fluster

Flawy, a.

    1. Faulty, defective, full of flaws or cracks.
    2. Gusty.

Flax-comb, n. Hatchel, hackle, heckle.

Flaxseed, n. Linseed.

Flay, v. a. Skin, excoriate, strip the skin from.

Fleck, v. a. Spot, streak, dapple, speckle, variegate.

Flecked, a. Spotted, streaked, striped, dappled, mottled, variegated, piebald.

Fledgling, n. Young bird.

Flee, v. n. Fly, run, decamp, escape, abscond, hasten away, run away, make off, turn tail, cut and run.

Fleece, v. a.

    1. Clip, shear, deprive of fleece.
    2. Strip, rob, plunder, despoil, rifle, steal from.
    3. Supply with fleece.
    4. Cover fleecily, shroud softly, wrap in misty clouds, fold in snow.

Fleecy, a.

    1. Woolly.
    2. Fleece-like.

Fleer, n. and v. n. Gibe, scoff, mock, jeer.

Fleet, n.

    1. Flotilla, squadron, navy, armada, company of ships.
    2. Arm of the sea, inlet, creek, cove.

Fleet, a. Swift, rapid, quick, nimble.

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