Fire-arm to Flawless

Fire-arm, n. Gun, pistol, musket, rifle, etc.

Firebrand, n.

    1. Brand.
    2. Incendiary, agitator.

Fire-cracker, n. Cracker.

Fire-damp, n. Carburetted hydrogen (in coalmines).

Fire-dog, n. Andiron, dog.

Fire-eater, n.

    1. Duellist, fighting character, quarrelsome brawler.
    2. Blusterer, swaggerer, vaporer, Hector, Hotspur, mock hero.

Firefly, n.

    1. Elater (of South America).
    2. Glow-worm (Lampyris noctiluca).

Fire-new, a. Bran-new, quite new, spick-and-span new, span-new.

Fire off. Discharge, fire.

Fire-place, n. Hearth.

Fireproof, a. Incombustible.

Fireside, n.

    1. Hearth, chimney-corner, place near the fire.
    2. Home, domestic life.

Fireside, a. Domestic.

Fire up.

    1. Kindle the fire.
    2. Fire, be angered or irritated, show irritation, bridle, bridle up, bristle, bristle up, get angry, fly into a passion. See flare up.

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