Fluted to Forbidding

Fluted, a. Grooved (as a column), channelled.

Flute-player, n. Flutist.

Flutist, n. Flute-player.

Flutter, v. n.

    1. Hover, flap the wings quickly.
    2. Flap, move rapidly, flirt.
    3. Tremble, palpitate, beat or move tremulously.
    4. Flaunt, make a show, make a parade, cut a dash, be ostentatious.
    5. Fluctuate, waver, oscillate, vacillate, be fickle, be inconstant, be unsteady, be in doubt or uncertainty.

Flutter, n.

    1. Agitation, tremor, quick motion.
    2. Confusion, hurry, commotion, agitation, excitement, perturbation, flurry, fluster, hurry-skurry.

Flux, n.

    1. Flow, flowing.
    2. Mutation, change, transition, shifting.
    3. Diarrhœa, dysentery, looseness, lax state (of the bowels).
    4. Fusion, melting.
    5. Fusing mixture, fusing agent, solvent, menstruum.

Fluxion, n. (Math.) Differential, infinitely small quantity.

Fluxions, n. pl. (Math.) Differential and integral calculus, infinitesimal calculus, higher calculus, calculus.

Fly, v. n.

    1. Soar, mount, hover, take wing.

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