Feel after to Fidgetiness

Feel after.

    1. Search for (by the touch), try to find (as in the dark).
    2. Search diligently for, inquire after with longing.

Feelers, n. pl. (Zoöl.)

    1. Palpi.
    2. Antennœ, horns.
    3. Tentacula.

Feeling, a.

    1. Affecting, moving, touching, melting, pathetic.
    2. Sensitive, tender, sympathetic.

Feeling, n.

    1. Sense of touch.
    2. Sensation, perception by touch.
    3. Sensibility, emotion, sentiment, passion, affection, impression.
    4. Tenderness, susceptibility, sensibility, sentiment, fine feeling, delicate sentiment.

Fee-simple, n. (Law.) Absolute fee, unconditional tenure.

Feign, v.a.

    1. Invent, imagine, devise, fabricate, forge.
    2. Counterfeit, simulate, affect, assume, pretend to, put on, make a show of.

Feint, n.

    1. Pretence, blind, make-believe, false appearance.

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