Exfoliate to Exploitation

Exfoliate, v. n. Scale off, shell off, peel off, fall off in scales.

Exfoliation, n.

    1. (Min.) Separation in scales or laminæ.
    2. (Med.) Desquamation.

Exhalation, n.

    1. Evaporation, emission of vapor.
    2. Vapor, fume, effluvium, steam, reek, smoke, fog.

Exhale, v. a. Emit, evaporate, breathe, emit in vapor, throw off in effluvia.

Exhale, v. n. Fly off, pass off, be evaporated, be exhaled.

Exhaust, v. a.

    1. Drain, empty.
    2. Expend, spend, waste, squander, consume, destroy, lavish, dissipate, fritter away, run through (with).
    3. Prostrate, cripple, weaken, enervate, debilitate, disable, deprive of strength, wear out.

Exhaustless, a. Inexhaustible.

Exhibit, v. a.

    1. Show, display, present to view, offer for inspection.
    2. Manifest, express, indicate, disclose, evince, make known, bring to notice, bring into view, point out, set forth.
    3. (Law.) Offer, present, propose.
    4. (Med.) Administer (medicine).

Exhibition, n.

    1. Display, show, manifestation.
    2. Exposition, laying open to public view.

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