Exploration to Eyry

Exploration, n. Examination, scrutiny, inquiry, research, inquisition.

Explore, v. a.

    1. Examine, scrutinize, investigate, search into, inquire into, pry into.
    2. Examine (countries) geographically, travel through observingly.

Explosion, n. Burst, bursting, detonation, blast, clap, pop, crack, sudden discharge.

Exponent, n. Index, indication, representative, type, example, specimen, illustration.

Export, v. a. Send out (merchandise from one country to another), carry out, send abroad.

Export, n. Commodity exported.

Expose, v. a.

    1. Uncover, bare, make bare.
    2. Disclose, detect, descry, lay open, show up, bring to light.
    3. Unmask, denounce, show up, strip of disguises or concealments, show in one’s real light.
    4. Subject, make liable.
    5. Endanger, jeopardize, put in danger, put in peril.
    6. [Said of infants.] Leave out, abandon, leave in a solitary place, abandon to the perils of solitude.
    7. Exhibit, set in view, put in a conspicuous place.

Exposé, n. [Fr.]

    1. Exposition, formal statement, exhibit, manifesto.
    2. Exposure, divulgement, revelation, deprecated publication.

Exposition, n.

    1. Exposure, disclosing, laying open.
    2. Explanation, interpretation, elucidation, explication.

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