Enchanting to Enjoy

Enchanting, a. Charming, captivating, fascinating, bewitching, delightful, rapturous, enrapturing, blissful, ravishing, Circean.

Enchanter, n.

    1. Charmer, magician, sorcerer, necromancer.
    2. Charmer, the one who delights, captivates, or fascinates.

Enchantment, n.

    1. Enchanting, overpowering by magic or spells or incantations or sorcery, putting under a spell, incantation, fascination, charming.
    2. Incantation, conjuration, necromancy, magic, sorcery, witchery, spell, charm.
    3. Delight, fascination, rapture, ravishment, transport, bliss.

Enchantress, n.

    1. Sorceress, witch.
    2. Charmer, inamorata, fair enslaver.

Enchase, v. a.

    1. Enclose (as a gem in gold), infix, set, encircle.
    2. Chase, emboss.

Enchiridion, n. Manual, hand-book.

Encircle, v. a.

    1. Surround, encompass, environ, gird, belt, engird, enclose.
    2. Embrace, fold, clasp, enfold.

Enclose, v. a. [Written also Inclose.]

    1. Encircle, surround, encompass, imbosom, circumscribe, shut in, fence in.
    2. Cover, envelop, wrap.

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