Embarrrass to Enchant

Embarrass, v. a.

    1. Perplex, entangle, beset, make intricate, make difficult.
    2. Harass, distress, trouble, vex, annoy, plague, hamper, clog.
    3. Confuse, disconcert, abash, confound, nonplus, pose, dumfound, dumfounder.

Embarrassment, n.

    1. Perplexity, difficulty, entanglement.
    2. Trouble, distress, vexation, plague.
    3. Confusion, abashment.

Embassy, n.

    1. Commission, mission, ambassadorial office or function.
    2. Legation, ambassadors.
    3. Ambassadorial residence, legation.

Embattle, v. a.

    1. Array (in order of battle), set in battle (array), put in line.
    2. Make battlements in, fit or adorn with battlements.

Embay, v. a. Landlock.

Embed, v. a. Bed.

Embellish, v. a. Decorate, deck, bedeck, ornament, adorn, beautify, set out, set off.

Embellishment, n. Decoration, ornament, ornamentation, adornment, adorning, decking, beautifying.

Embers, n. pl. Cinders, live coals, smouldering remains (of the fire).

Embezzle, v. a. Appropriate to one’s own use (what is intrusted), misappropriate, purloin, steal, come unlawfully by.

Embezzlement, n. Peculation.

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