Egotism to Embark

Egotism, n.

    1. Self-importance, self-conceit, self-esteem, self-assertion, self-admiration, self-praise, self-commendation, bumptiousness (colloq.).
    2. Selfishness, passionate or extravagant self-love, egoism.

Egotistic, Egotistical, a. Conceited, vain, opinionated, self-important, self-conceited, self-admiring, self- asserting, bumptious (colloq.).

Egregious, a. [Usually in a bad sense.] Extraordinary, remarkable, enormous, monstrous, outrageous, great, huge, prodigious, tremendous.

Egress, n.

    1. Passage out, power to go out.
    2. Way out, exit, departing passage.
    3. Going out, exit, departure, emergence.

Either, a. and pron.

    1. (Properly.) One or the other (of two).
    2. (Less authorized.) Any one (of several).
    3. [Archaic or poetical.] Each (of two), both, one and the other.

Ejaculate, v. a. Utter in an exclamation, utter briefly and suddenly.

Ejaculate, v. n. Cry or exclaim passionately or hurriedly.

Ejaculation, n. Exclamation, brief and sudden utterance, ecphonesis.

Eject, v. a.

    1. Emit, discharge, void, evacuate, vomit, spew, puke, throw out, cast up.
    2. Expel, oust, dismiss, discharge, cashier, turn out, thrust out, put out.
    3. Reject, banish, throw aside, cast away, throw overboard.

Ejection, n. Expulsion, dismission, discharge, extrusion, banishment, thrusting out, turning out.

Eke out. Add to, supply the deficiency of, stretch out, make out, make out with difficulty.

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