Eat humble pie to Egoism

Eat humble pie. Suffer humiliation, endure mortification, be humbled, be abashed, be taken down, eat dirt.

Eating, a. Corrosive, erosive, corroding, caustic, catheretic.

Eating-house, n. Restaurant, chop-house, coffee-house, café.

Eat one’s words. Take back what was said, retract a statement, withdraw charges.

Eat out. Eat away, consume, gnaw out, erode, destroy.

Eat up. Consume, devour, make away with, destroy, use up, exhaust.

Eau-de-cologne, n. [Fr.] Cologne, cologne-water.

Eavesdropper, n. Stealthy listener.

Eavesdropping, n. Listening by stealth.

Ebb, n.

    1. Regression, regress, retrocession, retrogression, reflux, refluence, return.
    2. Decline, decay, deterioration, degeneration, degeneracy, caducity, wane, waning.
    3. Decrease, diminution, abatement, decrement, subsidence.

Ebb, v. n.

    1. Recede, retire, flow back.
    2. Decline, decrease, decay, wane, sink, fall away.

Ebon, a.

    1. Dark, black, inky.
    2. Made of ebony.

Ebriety, n. Drunkenness, intoxication, inebriation, inebriety.

Ebullience, Ebulliency, n.

    1. Effervescence, ebullition, boiling over.
    2. Bursting forth, overflow, burst, rush, bursting vigor.

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