Each to Eat dirt


Each, a.

    1. One and the other (of two), both, either (archaic and poetical).
    2. Every one (of several).

Eager, a.

    1. Longing, yearning, greedy, anxious, impatient, keenly desirous.
    2. Ardent, zealous, enthusiastic, vehement, impetuous, forward, earnest, animated, fervent, fervid, glowing, hot, sanguine.
    3. (Poetical.) Sharp, keen, biting, mordant, nipping, stinging.

Eagerness, n.

    1. Longing, yearning, avidity, greediness, impatience, anxiety.
    2. Ardor, zeal, vehemence, impetuosity, earnestness, enthusiasm, fervor, fervency, heartiness, devotion.

Eagle, n.

    1. King of birds.
    2. Ten dollars (U.S. gold coin).

Eagle-eyed, a.

    1. Sharp-sighted, keen-eyed, keen-sighted, of piercing vision.
    2. Discerning, perspicacious, penetrating, of piercing vision, of penetrating insight, quick-sighted, sharp- sighted, lynx-eyed, hawk-eyed, keen-eyed, Argus-eyed.

Eagre, n. [Written also Eger and Eygre.] Bore, great tidal wave.

Ear, n.

    1. Organ of hearing.
    2. Musical perception, faculty of discriminating sounds, sense of hearing.

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