Dormant to Dredge-box

Dormant, a.

    1. Sleeping, quiescent, at rest.
    2. Latent, unexerted, suspended, inert, inactive, in abeyance.

Dormant partner. Sleeping partner, silent partner.

Dormer, n. [Written also Dormar.] Luthern, dormer-window.

Dormer-window, n. Dormer, luthern.

Dormitory, n.

    1. Chamber, bedroom, sleeping room, place to sleep in.
    2. Building containing sleeping apartments.

Dorsal, a. On the back.

Dory, n. (Ich.) See doree.

Dose, n.

    1. Prescribed portion (of medicine), drench, draught.
    2. Disagreeable lot or fate or portion, bitter pill.
    3. Sufficient quantity, quantity, portion, quantum.

Dose, v. a. Administer a dose to, give doses to.

Dot, n. Point, period.

Dot, v. a.

    1. Mark with dots.
    2. Variegate, diversify.

Dotage, n. Imbecility, senility, second childhood.

Dotard, n. Driveller, imbecile, doting old man.

Dote, v. n.

    1. Drivel, be imbecile, be foolish, be in one’s dotage or second childhood.

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