Dislocation to Disreputable

Dislocation, n.

    1. Derangement, displacement.
    2. Luxation, disjointing.

Dislodge, v. a.

    1. Expel, oust, eject, drive out, drive away.
    2. Remove, force out, push out, get out.

Disloyal, a. Unfaithful, undutiful, disaffected, faithless, false, treacherous, perfidious, untrue, false to one’s allegiance.

Disloyalty, n. Unfaithfulness, undutifulness, faithlessness, treachery, perfidy, want of loyalty, lack of fidelity, dereliction of allegiance.

Dismal, a.

    1. Cheerless, gloomy, dark, dull, dreary, lonesome.
    2. Melancholy, mournful, sad, doleful, dolorous, sombre, lugubrious, funereal.
    3. Horrid, horrible, terrible, dire, frightful.

Dismals, n. pl. [With The prefixed.] Melancholy, low spirits, the blues, the vapors, depression, depression of spirits, low state, ennui.

Dismantle, v. a. Unrig, strip of covering, deprive of apparatus, furniture, rigging, equipments, armament, or defences.

Dismay, v. a. Terrify, frighten, appall, affright, scare, alarm, intimidate, paralyze with fear, daunt.

Dismay, n. Terror, fright, affright, fear, alarm, horror, consternation.

Dismember, v. a.

    1. Mutilate, dislimb, disjoint.
    2. Divide, separate, sever, pull apart, break up, dilacerate, rend asunder.

Dismiss, v. a.

    1. Send away, give leave to go, permit to go.

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