Disrepute to Dive

Disrepute, n. Discredit, dishonor, disgrace, degradation, derogation, abasement, odium, ill repute.

Disrespect, n.

    1. Disesteem, irreverence, slight, neglect, disregard.
    2. Incivility, discourtesy, rudeness.

Disrespectful, a.

    1. Irreverent, slighting.
    2. Uncivil, impolite, discourteous, uncourteous, rude.

Disrobe, v. a. Divest, strip, undress, uncover, unclothe.

Disruption, n. Breach, rent, rupture, burst, breaking or tearing asunder.

Dissatisfaction, n.

    1. Discontent, uneasiness, inquietude. See disquiet.
    2. Displeasure, dislike, disapprobation, disapproval.

Dissatisfied, a. Discontented, uneasy, displeased.

Dissect, v. a.

    1. Anatomize, cut in pieces.
    2. Analyze, scrutinize, sift, examine, investigate, explore, lay open.

Dissection, n.

    1. Anatomy.
    2. Scrutiny, analysis, examination, investigation, sifting.

Disseize, v. a. Dispossess, oust (wrongfully).

Dissemble, v. a. Conceal, hide, disguise, cloak, cover.

Dissemble, v. n. Conceal one’s real purposes, disguise the feelings or character.

Dissembler, n. Disguiser of one’s feelings, motives, or character (as the case may be).

Disseminate, v. a. Spread, propagate, diffuse, disperse, circulate, promulgate, spread abroad.

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