Discourteous to Dislocate

Discourteous, a. Uncivil, impolite, uncourtly, uncomplaisant, ungentlemanly, disrespectful, inurbane, unmannerly, uncourteous, brusk or brusque, abrupt, rude, ill-bred, ill-mannered.

Discourtesy, n. Incivility, impoliteness, rudeness, abruptness, bruskness or brusqueness, inurbanity, ill-breeding.

Discover, v. a.

    1. Reveal, communicate, tell, disclose, exhibit, show, manifest, make manifest, impart, make known, lay open, lay bare, expose to view.
    2. Ascertain, detect, find out.
    3. Find out (originally), be the discoverer of, be the first to find.
    4. Descry, discern, espy, see, behold, get sight of, get a glimpse of.

Discovery, n.

    1. Disclosure, revelation, making known.
    2. Finding, finding out, detection, ascertainment.
    3. First sight, first view.

Discredit, n.

    1. Doubt, question, loss of credit or credence.
    2. Disrepute, dishonor, disgrace, reproach, opprobrium, obloquy, odium, ignominy, ill repute.

Discredit, v. a.

    1. Disbelieve, give no credit to, place no confidence in, refuse credence to, question, doubt.
    2. Disgrace, dishonor, bring reproach upon, make disreputable, blow upon, destroy confidence in, bring into disfavor, make distasteful, deprive of credit.

Discreditable, a. Disgraceful, disreputable.

Discreet, a. Prudent, cautious, judicious, wise, circumspect, considerate, heedful, wary.

Discrepance, Discrepancy, n. Difference, incongruity, disagreement, contrariety, inconsistency, variance, divergence, discordance.

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