Direction to Discourse

Direction, n.

    1. Aim.
    2. Tendency, line of motion.
    3. Course, bearing, point of compass.
    4. Management, oversight, superintendence, government, control, conduct.
    5. Guidance, lead.
    6. Order, command, prescription.
    7. Address, superscription.

Directly, ad.

    1. In a straight line, in a straight course.
    2. Expressly, absolutely, unambiguously, openly, without circumlocution.
    3. Immediately, quickly, promptly, speedily, soon, presently, forthwith, instantly, instanter, in a short time, without delay.

Director, n.

    1. Superintendent, manager, boss.
    2. Guide, counsellor, adviser, instructor, mentor, monitor.

Direful, a. Dreadful, fearful, horrible, terrible, shocking, horrid, terrific, awful, tremendous. See dire.

Dirge, n. Elegy, funeral song, mournful song, requiem, burial hymn, coronach.

Dirt, Filth, foul matter.

Dirty, a.

    1. Unclean, foul, filthy, nasty, soiled, begrimed.
    2. Clouded, cloudy, dark, sullied, dull.

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