Dickens to Direct

Dickens, n. (Colloq.) The Deuce, the Devil.

Dicker, n. Ten, group of ten, bunch of ten.

Dictate, v. a.

    1. Prescribe, direct, ordain, command, order, bid, require, decree.
    2. Utter (so that another may repeat or write).

Dictate, n.

    1. Injunction, command, order, decree.
    2. Precept, maxim, rule.

Dictation, n.

    1. Prescription, direction.
    2. Utterance (for copying).

Dictator, n. Despot, autocrat, absolute ruler.

Dictatorial, a.

    1. Absolute, unlimited, unrestricted.
    2. Imperious, authoritative, overbearing, domineering, dictatory.

Dictatorship, n.

    1. Dictatorial office.
    2. Term or tenure of absolute power.
    3. Despotism, absolutism, arbitrary power, absolute power, iron rule.

Diction, n.

    1. Style, phraseology, language, expression, mode or manner of expression, turn of expression, form of expression.
    2. Choice of words, words employed, vocabulary.

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