Destroy to Diatribe

Destroy, v. a.

    1. Demolish, overturn, overthrow, subvert, raze, ruin, throw down, pull down, break up, sap the foundations of.
    2. Annihilate, quench, take away, put an end to, bring to nought.
    3. Waste, ravage, desolate, devastate, devour, lay waste, make desolate, swallow up, ravage with fire and sword.
    4. Extirpate, eradicate, uproot, kill, slay, extinguish, carry off, root out, grub up, pluck up by the roots, cut up root and branch, strike at the root of, give a death-blow to, scatter to the winds.

Destruction, n.

    1. Demolition, subversion, overthrow, ruin, havoc, shipwreck.
    2. Desolation, devastation, ravage.
    3. Eradication, extirpation, extinction, ruin.
    4. Death, slaughter, murder, massacre.
    5. Destroyer, destroying agent, plague.

Destructive, a.

    1. Ruinous, pernicious, deleterious, baleful, mischievous, fatal, deadly.
    2. [With of.] Extirpative, eradicative, annihilatory.

Desuetude, n. Disuse, discontinuance, non-observance, obsoleteness or obsolescence.

Desultory, a. Immethodical, unconnected, unsystematic, irregular, fitful, capricious, rambling, wandering, roving, discursive, cursory, slight, by fits and starts.

Detach, v. a.

    1. Separate, disjoin, disengage, disunite, sever, dissever, part, divide.
    2. Detail, send away, appoint to a special service.

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