Bulge to Byword

Bulge, n. Protuberance, bilge, belly, swell, swelling.

Bulge, v. n. Protrude, jut out, swell, be protuberant.

Bulk, n.

    1. Magnitude, size, volume, mass, dimensions.
    2. Largeness, bulkiness, great size, bigness, massyness, massiveness, greatness, amplitude.
    3. Majority, mass, body, major part, most, main part, greater part, principal part.

Bulkhead, n. (Naut.) Partition, dividing wall.

Bulky, a. Large, great, big, huge, vast, massive, massy, of great size or bulk.

Bull, n.

    1. Male (usually of bovine animals).
    2. Edict (issued by the Pope), rescript.
    3. Blunder (involving a contradiction), gross mistake.
    4. (Astron.) Taurus.
    5. Speculator on a rise, stimulator of the stock-market.

Bull-head, n.

    1. Blockhead, simpleton, fool. See dunce.
    2. Horn-pout, mud-pout, cat-fish (Pimelodus cattus).

Bully, n.

    1. Blusterer, swaggerer, vaporer, hector, fire-eater, Hotspur, mock hero, swash-buckler, browbeater, bully- rook, bully-rock, domineering stormer.
    2. Desperado, villain, blackguard, bawd-protector, harlot’s henchman.

Bully, v. a. Browbeat, overbear, intimidate with threats, treat insolently.

Bullying, a. Blustering, swaggering, vaporing, vaunting, hectoring, bluff, gruff, bearish.

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