Branchiæ to Brighten

Branchiæ, n. pl. [L.] Gills.

Branching, n. Ramification, arborescence

Branching, a. Arborescent, arboriform, dendriform, dendroid, dendritic.

Branch off. Ramify. See branch.

Branch out. Expatiate, be diffuse, speak diffusely.

Brand, n.

    1. Fire-brand.
    2. Thunderbolt, lightning-flash, bolt.
    3. Mark (of a hot iron).
    4. Kind, quality, grade.
    5. Stigma, stain, reproach. See blot.
    6. (Poetical.) Sword.

Brand, v. a.

    1. Mark (with a hot iron), mark as a criminal.
    2. Stigmatize, denounce, gibbet.

Brand-goose, n. Brant, brent, brant-goose, brent-goose (Anser bernicla).

Brandish, v. a. Flourish, wave, shake.

Brand-new, Bran-new, a. Quite new, fire-new, spick and span new, span new.

Brangle, n. Squabble, quarrel, wrangle, dispute, jangle, bickering, bandying of words, war of words, branglement.

Brangle, v. n. Wrangle, squabble. See bicker.

Brant, n. Brent, brand-goose, brant-goose (Anser bernicia, Bernicia brenta).

Brash, a.

    1. Hasty, rash, impetuous.
    2. (Local, U. S.) Brittle, fragile, easily broken.

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