Bill of exchange to Blattering

Bill of exchange. Draft.

Billow, n. Wave, surge.

Billow, v. n. Surge, swell, roll, heave, roll in great surges.

Billowy, a

    1. Surging, rolling, heaving, full of surges or billows.
    2. Fluctuating, rising and falling, heaving, undulating.

Bimonthly, a. Coming every two months, appearing once in two months, bimensal, bimestrial.

Bin, n. Bunker, crib, box, receptacle.

Binary, a. Dual, double, twofold, binal, consisting of two.

Bind, v. a.

    1. Confine, restrain, restrict, put bonds upon.
    2. Bandage, wrap, put a bandage round, wrap up, tie up.
    3. Tie, fasten, secure.
    4. Stitch and cover, put into a binding.
    5. Engage, oblige, obligate, make responsible, lay under obligation.
    6. Indenture, apprentice, place under indenture.
    7. Confirm, ratify, sanction.
    8. Put a border round.

Bind, v. n.

    1. Contract, harden, stiffen, shrink.
    2. Make sheaves, tie sheaves.
    3. Be obligatory, be binding, be valid, hold.

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