Besot to Billingsgate

Besot, v. a.

    1. Intoxicate, steep, drench, soak.
    2. Stupefy, make sottish; make foolish or stupid.
    3. Infatuate, stultify, befool, intoxicate, delude

Bespatter, v. a. Spatter (usually with something filthy), bedaub. See besmear.

Bespeak, v. a.

    1. Order, speak for beforehand, engage.
    2. Solicit, speak for.
    3. Address, speak to, accost.
    4. Indicate, imply, proclaim, declare, betoken, evince, show.

Besprinkle, v. a. Sprinkle, bedew, bestrew, sprinkle over, scatter over, cover with drops or spray.

Best, a.

    1. Most good, most excellent, superlatively good, good in the highest degree.
    2. Most wise, most judicious, most expedient. See the various meanings of Good.

Best, ad.

    1. Most of all, in the highest degree, beyond all others.
    2. With most propriety, most profitably or advantageously, to the greatest advantage.
    3. Most intimately, most thoroughly, most completely.
    4. With the highest qualification, by the clearest title.

Best, n.

    1. Highest perfection, highest good, greatest good.

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