Bandage to Battle

Bandage, n. Fillet, band, binding, cincture, belt.

Bandit, n. Outlaw, robber, brigand, freebooter, footpad, highwayman, marauder.

Banditti, n. pl. Band of outlaws or robbers.

Bandy, v. a.

    1. Toss, toss about, toss to and fro, agitate, dispute about.
    2. Exchange, interchange, give and take.

Bandy, a. Crooked, bent, bow-(legged).

Bane, n.

    1. Poison, venom.
    2. Pest, scourge, curse, ruin, destruction, harm, injury. See bale.

Baneful, a.

    1. Poisonous, venomous.
    2. Destructive, noxious, hurtful, injurious, pernicious, mischievous, deadly, ruinous, fraught with evil. See baleful.

Banewort, n. Belladonna, dwale, deadly-night-shade (Atropa belladonna).

Bang, v. a.

    1. Beat, thump, pound, strike, knock, maul, pommel, thrash, cudgel, thwack, handle roughly, deal roughly with.
    2. Slam, shut with a bang.

Bang, v. n. Ring, rattle, resound, re-echo, clatter.

Bang, n.

    1. Clang, clangor, whang.
    2. Blow, thump, whack, thwack, lick, knock.

Banian, n. (Bot.) Indian fig-tree (Ficus Indica). Same as Banyan.

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