Babble to Band


Babble, v. n.

    1. Prattle, jabber, chatter, gibber, talk inarticulately.
    2. Prate, chat, gossip, palaver, tattle, be loquacious, talk idly or thoughtlessly. See prate.
    3. Tell secrets, tattle, blab, let the cat out of the bag.

Babble, v. a.

    1. Tell (foolishly), prate, utter, prate about.
    2. Blab, let out, blab about (hither and thither).

Babble, n. Prattle, palaver, chit-chat, gabble, twaddle, chatter, balderdash, platitude, flummery, fustian, wish-wash, stuff, drivel, moonshine, fudge, trash, nonsense, gibberish, gibble-gabble, small talk, idle talk, childish or foolish talk, frothy discourse. See prattle, n.

Babbling, n.

    1. Prattle. See babble.
    2. Garrulity, loquacity, loquaciousness, talkativeness.

Babe, n. Infant, baby, nursling, suckling, chit, brat, bantling (bairn), little one.

Babel, n. Confusion, disorder, tumult, din, discord, jargon, clamor, hubbub, pother, hurly-burly.

Baby, n. Infant. See babe.

Babyhood, n. Infancy, babehood.

Baccalaureate, n. Degree of bachelor of arts.

Baccate, a. (Bot.) Of a pulpy nature (like a berry).

Bacchanal, n. Reveller, carouser, bacchanalian, roysterer, debauchee, bacchant.

Bacchanal, a. Riotous, revelling, noisy, bacchanalian.

Bacchanalian, n. and a. See bacchanal.

Bacchanals, n. pl. Revelry, revels, orgies, carousal, debauch, drunken frolic, potation, compotation, wassail, Saturnalia, drunken feasts.

Back, n.

    1. Upper part, outer part.

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