4. Through, over, all over, in all parts of.

About, ad.

    1. Around, hind part before, end for end, in an opposite direction.
    2. Hither and thither, here and there, from one place to another, in various places.
    3. Nearly, near, approximately, not far from, almost, well-nigh.
    4. Ready, on the point, on the eve.

Above, prep.

    1. Higher than, on top of, atop of.
    2. Over, exceeding, more than, greater than.
    3. Beyond, superior to.
    4. Too high for, too proud for, of rectitude too great for, too magnanimous for.

Above, ad.

    1. Overhead, aloft, on high, in a high place, in heaven, in the heavenly heights, in excelsis.
    2. Before, in a former part, previously.
    3. Of a higher rank or order.

Above all. Chiefly, in the first place, first and foremost, as the chief end, as the main object, before all other considerations.

Above-board, ad. Openly, candidly, ingenuously, frankly, sincerely, fairly, in open sight, without artifice, without concealment, without equivocation, without guile, without disguise, without mental reservation.

Abrade, v. a. Wear away, wear off, rub off. See scrape.

Abrasion, n. Friction, attrition, rubbing, disintegration, wearing away, wearing off, rubbing off, rubbing down, wearing down. See Confrication.

Abreast, ad.

    1. Alongside, side by side, in one line, in alignment, aligned, bow to bow, stem to stem.

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