Abuttal to Acerbity

Abuttal, n.

    1. Adjacency, contiguity, nearness, juxtaposition, being next, boundary, terminus, limit, termination.
    2. Terminal land, adjacent ground, contiguous estate, next holding, adjoining property.

Abyss, n.

    1. Gulf, gorge, great depth, deep pit, abysm, depth, deep, chasm, profound.
    2. Hell, limbo, purgatory, the pit, bottomless pit, the nadir, gehenna, fire unquenchable, the lake that burneth forever.

Academic, Academical, a.

    1. Scholastic, literary, lettered, collegiate, of the college, of the university.
    2. Platonic, of Plato, platonistic.

Academy, n. School, seminary, institute, gymnasium, high school, college, scientific body, association of artists, littérateurs, or savants.

Acarpous, a. (Bot.) Unfruitful, sterile, barren, fruitless, unproductive.

Accede, v. n.

    1. Consent, agree, assent, acquiesce, comply, yield assent, give assent.
    2. Succeed (as heir), come to inherit, ascend the throne.
    3. Be joined, be added, unite itself.

Accelerate, v. a. Hasten, expedite, hurry, quicken, speed, precipitate, despatch, urge forward, push forward, push on, press on, urge on.

Acceleration, n. Hastening, increase of velocity. See preceding verb.

Accent, n.

    1. Intonation, cadence, tone, modulation of voice.
    2. Stress (on a certain syllable), ictus, cadence, tone, beat.

Accent, v. a. Accentuate, lay stress upon, pronounce with accent, put the ictus on.

Accents, n. pl. Language, words, tones, expressions, utterances, mode of speech.

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