Yule block, or Yule log, a large log of wood formerly put on the hearth of Christmas eve, as the foundation of the fire. It was brought in with much ceremony.Yule clog, the yule log. Halliwell. W. Irving.

(Yule"tide`) n. Christmas time; Christmastide; the season of Christmas.

(Yu"mas) n. pl.; sing. Yuma (Ethnol.) A tribe of Indians native of Arizona and the adjacent parts of Mexico and California. They are agricultural, and cultivate corn, wheat, barley, melons, etc.

The a wider sense, the term sometimes includes the Mohaves and other allied tribes.

(||Yunx) n. [NL., fr. Gr. 'i`ygx the wryneck.] (Zoöl.) A genus of birds comprising the wrynecks.

(Yu"pon) n. (Bot.) Same as Yaupon.

(Yux) n. & v. See Yex, n. [Obs.]

(Y"vel) a. & adv. Evil; ill. [Obs.] Chaucer.

(Y*war") a. [See Aware.] Aware; wary. [Obs.] "Be ywar, and his way shun." Piers Plowman.

(Y*wis") adv. [OE. ywis, iwis, AS. gewis certain; akin to D. gewis, G. gewiss, and E. wit to know. See Wit to know, and Y-.] Certainly; most likely; truly; probably. [Obs. or Archaic]

"Ywis," quod he, "it is full dear, I say."

She answered me, "I-wisse, all their sport in the park is but a shadow to that pleasure that I find in Plato."

(Yuck) v. i. [Cf. G. jucken, D. yeuken, joken. See Itch.] To itch. [Prov. Eng.] Grose.

(Yuck), v. t. To scratch. [Prov. Eng.] Wright.

(Yuck"el) n. (Zoöl.) Same as Yockel.

(Yu"en) n. (Zoöl.) The crowned gibbon native of Siam, Southern China, and the Island of Hainan. It is entirely arboreal in its habits, and has very long arms. the males are dark brown or blackish, with a caplike mass of long dark hair, and usually with a white band around the face. The females are yellowish white, with a dark spot on the breast and another on the crown. Called also wooyen, and wooyen ape.

(Yufts) n. [Russ. iufte.] Russia leather.

(Yug ||Yu"ga) n. [Skr. yuga an age, a yoke. See Yoke.] (Hindoo Cosmog.) Any one of the four ages, Krita, or Satya, Treta, Dwapara, and Kali, into which the Hindoos divide the duration or existence of the world.

(Yuke) v. i. & t. Same as Yuck. [Prov. Eng.]

(Yu"lan) n. (Bot.) A species of Magnolia (M. conspicua) with large white blossoms that open before the leaves. See the Note under Magnolia.

(Yule) n. [OE. yol, &yoghol, AS. geól; akin to geóla December or January, Icel. jol Yule, Ylir the name of a winter month, Sw. jul Christmas, Dan. juul, Goth. jiuleis November or December. Cf. Jolly.] Christmas or Christmastide; the feast of the Nativity of our Savior.

And at each pause they kiss; was never seen such rule
In any place but here, at bonfire, or at Yule.

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