(Jol"li*ty) n. [From Jolly: cf. OF. jolieté, joliveté.] Noisy mirth; gayety; merriment; festivity; boisterous enjoyment. Chaucer.

All now was turned to jollity and game.

He with a proud jollity commanded him to leave that quarrel only for him, who was only worthy to enter into it.
Sir P. Sidney.

Syn. — Merriment; mirth; gayety; festivity; hilarity.

(Jol"ly) a. [Compar. Jollier (-li*er); superl. Jolliest.] [OF. joli, jolif, joyful, merry, F. joli pretty; of Scand. origin, akin to E. yule; cf. Icel. jol yule, Christmas feast. See Yule.]

1. Full of life and mirth; jovial; joyous; merry; mirthful.

Like a jolly troop of huntsmen.

"A jolly place," said he, "in times of old!
But something ails it now: the spot is cursed."

2. Expressing mirth, or inspiring it; exciting mirth and gayety.

And with his jolly pipe delights the groves.

Their jolly notes they chanted loud and clear.

3. Of fine appearance; handsome; excellent; lively; agreeable; pleasant. "A jolly cool wind." Sir T. North. [Now mostly colloq.]

Full jolly knight he seemed, and fair did sit.

The coachman is swelled into jolly dimensions.
W. Irving.

(Jol"ly-boat`) n. [A corruption of Dan. jolle yawl, or of D. jol yawl + E. boat. See Yawl the boat.] (Naut.) A boat of medium size belonging to a ship.

(Jol"ly*head) n. Jollity. [Obs.] Spenser.

(Jolt) v. i. [imp. & p. p. Jolted; p. pr. & vb. n. Jolting.] [Prob. fr. jole, joll, jowl, and originally meaning, to knock on the head. See Jowl.] To shake with short, abrupt risings and fallings, as a carriage moving on rough ground; as, the coach jolts.

(Jolt), v. t. To cause to shake with a sudden up and down motion, as in a carriage going over rough ground, or on a high-trotting horse; as, the horse jolts the rider; fast driving jolts the carriage and the passengers.

(Jolt), n. A sudden shock or jerk; a jolting motion, as in a carriage moving over rough ground.

The first jolt had like to have shaken me out.

(Jolt"er) n. One who, or that which, jolts.

(Jolt"er*head`, Jolt"head`) n. [See Jolt, Jowl.] A dunce; a blockhead. Sir T. North.

(Jolt"ing*ly), adv. In a jolting manner.

(Jolt"y) a. That jolts; as, a jolty coach. [Colloq.]

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