Woody fiber. (Bot.) (a) Fiber or tissue consisting of slender, membranous tubes tapering at each end. (b) A single wood cell. See under Wood. Goodale.Woody nightshade. (Bot.). See Bittersweet, 3 (a).Woody pear(Bot.), the inedible, woody, pear- shaped fruit of several Australian proteaceous trees of the genus Xylomelum; — called also wooden pear.

(Woo"er) n. [AS. wogere. See Woo, v. t.] One who wooes; one who courts or solicits in love; a suitor. "A thriving wooer." Gibber.

(Woof) n. [OE. oof, AS. owef, oweb, aweb; on, an, on + wef, web, fr. wefan to weave. The initial w is due to the influence of E. weave. See On, Weave, and cf. Abb.]

1. The threads that cross the warp in a woven fabric; the weft; the filling; the thread usually carried by the shuttle in weaving.

2. Texture; cloth; as, a pall of softest woof. Pope.

(Woo"fell) n. (Zoöl.) The European blackbird. "The woofell near at hand that hath a golden bill." Drayton.

(Woof"y) a. Having a close texture; dense; as, a woofy cloud. J. Baillie.

(Woo`hoo") n. (Zoöl.) The sailfish.

(Woo"ing*ly) adv. In a wooing manner; enticingly; with persuasiveness. Shak.

(Wook") obs. imp. of Wake. Woke. Chaucer.

Wood tick
(Wood" tick`) (Zoöl.) Any one of several species of ticks of the genus Ixodes whose young cling to bushes, but quickly fasten themselves upon the bodies of any animal with which they come in contact. When they attach themselves to the human body they often produce troublesome sores. The common species of the Northern United States is Ixodes unipunctata.

(Wood"wall`) n. (Zoöl.) The yaffle. [Written also woodwale, and woodwele.]

(Wood"ward`) n. (Eng. Forest Law) An officer of the forest, whose duty it was to guard the woods.

(Wood*war"di*a) n. [NL. After Thomas J. Woodward, an English botanist.] (Bot.) A genus of ferns, one species of which (Woodwardia radicans) is a showy plant in California, the Azores, etc.

(Wood"-wash` Wood"-wax`) Wood"- wax`en n. [AS. wuduweaxe.] (Bot.) Same as Woadwaxen.

(Wood"work`) n. Work made of wood; that part of any structure which is wrought of wood.

(Wood"worm`) n. (Zoöl.) See Wood worm, under Wood.

(Wood"y) a.

1. Abounding with wood or woods; as, woody land. "The woody wilderness." Bryant.

Secret shades
Of woody Ida's inmost grove.

2. Consisting of, or containing, wood or woody fiber; ligneous; as, the woody parts of plants.

3. Of or pertaining to woods; sylvan. [R.] "Woody nymphs, fair Hamadryades." Spenser.

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