Wooden spoon. (a) (Cambridge University, Eng.) The last junior optime who takes a university degree, — denoting one who is only fit to stay at home and stir porridge. "We submit that a wooden spoon of our day would not be justified in calling Galileo and Napier blockheads because they never heard of the differential calculus." Macaulay. (b) In some American colleges, the lowest appointee of the junior year; sometimes, one especially popular in his class, without reference to scholarship. Formerly, it was a custom for classmates to present to this person a wooden spoon with formal ceremonies.Wooden ware, a general name for buckets, bowls, and other articles of domestic use, made of wood.Wooden wedding. See under Wedding.

1. A person who cuts wood.

2. An engraver on wood. [R.]

(Wood"cut`ting), n.

1. The act or employment of cutting wood or timber.

2. The act or art of engraving on wood. [R.]

(Wood"ed), a. Supplied or covered with wood, or trees; as, land wooded and watered.

The brook escaped from the eye down a deep and wooded dell.
Sir W. Scott.

(Wood"en) a.

1. Made or consisting of wood; pertaining to, or resembling, wood; as, a wooden box; a wooden leg; a wooden wedding.

2. Clumsy; awkward; ungainly; stiff; spiritless.

When a bold man is out of countenance, he makes a very wooden figure on it.

His singing was, I confess, a little wooden.
G. MacDonald.

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