When as, When that, at the time that; when. [Obs.]

When as sacred light began to dawn.

When that mine eye is famished for a look.

(When"as`) conj. Whereas; while [Obs.]

Whenas, if they would inquire into themselves, they would find no such matter.

(Whence) adv. [OE. whennes, whens (with adverbial s, properly a genitive ending; — see - wards), also whenne, whanene, AS. hwanan, hwanon, hwonan, hwanone; akin to D. when. See When, and cf. Hence, Thence.]

1. From what place; hence, from what or which source, origin, antecedent, premise, or the like; how; — used interrogatively.

Whence hath this man this wisdom?
Matt. xiii. 54.

Whence and what art thou?

2. From what or which place, source, material, cause, etc.; the place, source, etc., from which; — used relatively.

Grateful to acknowledge whence his good

When to Whet

(When) adv. [OE. when, whan, whenne, whanne, AS. hwænne, hwanne, hwonne; akin to OS. hwan, OD. wan, OHG. wanne, G. wann when, wenn if, when, Goth. hwan when, and to E. who. . See Who.]

1. At what time; — used interrogatively.

When shall these things be?
Matt. xxiv. 3.

See the Note under What, pron., 1.

2. At what time; at, during, or after the time that; at or just after, the moment that; — used relatively.

Kings may
Take their advantage when and how they list.

Book lore ne'er served, when trial came,
Nor gifts, when faith was dead.
J. H. Newman.

3. While; whereas; although; — used in the manner of a conjunction to introduce a dependent adverbial sentence or clause, having a causal, conditional, or adversative relation to the principal proposition; as, he chose to turn highwayman when he might have continued an honest man; he removed the tree when it was the best in the grounds.

4. Which time; then; — used elliptically as a noun.

I was adopted heir by his consent;
Since when, his oath is broke.

When was formerly used as an exclamation of surprise or impatience, like what!

Come hither; mend my ruff:
Here, when! thou art such a tedious lady!
J. Webster.

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