Chin whelk(Med.), sycosis.Rosy whelk(Med.), grog blossom.

(Whelked) a. Having whelks; whelky; as, whelked horns. Shak.

(Whelk"y) a.

1. Having whelks, ridges, or protuberances; hence, streaked; striated.

2. Shelly. "Whelky pearls." Spenser.

(Whelm) v. t. [imp. & p. p. Whelmed ; p. pr. & vb. n. Whelming.] [OE. whelmen to turn over, akin to OE. whelven, AS. whelfan, hwylfan, in whylfan, whelfan, to overwhelm, cover over; akin to OS. bihwelbian, D. welven to arch, G. wölben, OHG. welben, Icel. hvelfa to overturn; cf. Gr. bosom, a hollow, a gulf.]

1. To cover with water or other fluid; to cover by immersion in something that envelops on all sides; to overwhelm; to ingulf.

She is my prize, or ocean whelm them all!

The whelming billow and the faithless oar.

2. Fig.: To cover completely, as if with water; to immerse; to overcome; as, to whelm one in sorrows. "The whelming weight of crime." J. H. Newman.

3. To throw (something) over a thing so as to cover it. [Obs.] Mortimer.

(Whelp) n. [AS. hwelp; akin to D. welp, G. & OHG. welf, Icel. hvelpr, Dan. hvalp, Sw. valp.]

1. One of the young of a dog or a beast of prey; a puppy; a cub; as, a lion's whelps. "A bear robbed of her whelps." 2 Sam. xvii. 8.

2. A child; a youth; — jocosely or in contempt.

That awkward whelp with his money bags would have made his entrance.

3. (Naut.) One of the longitudinal ribs or ridges on the barrel of a capstan or a windless; — usually in the plural; as, the whelps of a windlass.

4. One of the teeth of a sprocket wheel.

(Whelp), v. i. [imp. & p. p. Whelped ; p. pr. & vb. n. Whelping.] To bring forth young; — said of the female of the dog and some beasts of prey.

(Whelp), v. t. To bring forth, as cubs or young; to give birth to.

Unless she had whelped it herself, she could not have loved a thing better.
B. Jonson.

Did thy foul fancy whelp so black a scheme?

2. A stripe or mark; a ridge; a wale.

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