Troll plate(Mach.), a rotative disk with spiral ribs or grooves, by which several pieces, as the jaws of a chuck, can be brought together or spread radially.

(Troll"er) n. One who trolls.

(Trol"ley, Trol"ly) n. (a) A form of truck which can be tilted, for carrying railroad materials, or the like. [Eng.] (b) A narrow cart that is pushed by hand or drawn by an animal. [Eng.] (c) (Mach.) A truck from which the load is suspended in some kinds of cranes. (d) (Electric Railway) A truck which travels along the fixed conductors, and forms a means of connection between them and a railway car.

(Troll"my*dames`) n. [F. trou- madame pigeon holes.] The game of nineholes. [Written also trolmydames.] [Obs.] Shak.

(Trol"lop) n. [From Troll to roll, to stroll; but cf. also Trull.] A stroller; a loiterer; esp., an idle, untidy woman; a slattern; a slut; a whore.

(Trol`lop*ee") n. A kind of loose dress for women. [Obs.] Goldsmith.

(Trom"bone) n. [It., aug. of tromba a trumpet: cf. F. trombone. See Trump a trumpet.]

1. (Mus.) A powerful brass instrument of the trumpet kind, thought by some to be the ancient sackbut, consisting of a tube in three parts, bent twice upon itself and ending in a bell. The middle part, bent double, slips into the outer parts, as in a telescope, so that by change of the vibrating length any tone within the compass of the instrument (which may be bass or tenor or alto or even, in rare instances, soprano) is commanded. It is the only member of the family of wind instruments whose scale, both diatonic and chromatic, is complete without the aid of keys or pistons, and which can slide from note to note as smoothly as the human voice or a violin. Softly blown, it has a rich and mellow sound, which becomes harsh and blatant when the tones are forced; used with discretion, its effect is often solemn and majestic.

2. (Zoöl.) The common European bittern.

(Trom"mel) n. [Cf. G. trommel a drum.] (Mining) A revolving buddle or sieve for separating, or sizing, ores. Raymond.

(Tromp) n. [F. trombe, trompe, a waterspout, a water-blowing machine. Cf. Trump a trumpet.] A blowing apparatus, in which air, drawn into the upper part of a vertical tube through side holes by a stream of water within, is carried down with the water into a box or chamber below which it is led to a furnace. [Written also trompe, and trombe.]

(Tromp, Trompe), n. [See Trump a trumpet.] A trumpet; a trump. [Obs.] Chaucer.

(Tromp"il) n. [OF. trompille, equiv. to F. trompette a trumpet.] An aperture in a tromp.

(Tron) n. See 3d Trone, 2. [Obs. or Scott.]

(Tro"na) n. [Of Egyptian or North African origin.] (Chem. & Min.) A native double salt, consisting of a combination of neutral and acid sodium carbonate, Na2CO3.2HNaCO3. 2H2O, occurring as a

1. The act of moving round; routine; repetition. Burke.

2. A song the parts of which are sung in succession; a catch; a round.

Thence the catch and troll, while "Laughter, holding both his sides," sheds tears to song and ballad pathetic on the woes of married life.
Prof. Wilson.

3. A trolley.

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