Warty egg(Zoöl.), a marine univalve shell having the surface covered with wartlike elevations.

(War"wick*ite) n. (Min.) A dark brown or black mineral, occurring in prismatic crystals imbedded in limestone near Warwick, New York. It consists of the borate and titanate of magnesia and iron.

(War"worn`) a. Worn with military service; as, a warworn soldier; a warworn coat. Shak.

(Wa"ry) a. [Compar. Warier ; superl. Wariest.] [OE. war, AS. wær; akin to Icel. vrr, Dan. & Sw. var, Goth. wars, G. gewahr aware, OHG. wara notice, attention, Gr. to see. Cf. Aware, Garment, Garnish, Garrison, Panorama, Ward, v. t. Ware, a., Warren.]

1. Cautious of danger; carefully watching and guarding against deception, artifices, and dangers; timorously or suspiciously prudent; circumspect; scrupulous; careful. "Bear a wary eye." Shak.

We should be wary, therefore, what persecution we raise against the living labors of public men.

2. Characterized by caution; guarded; careful.

It behoveth our words to be wary and few.

Syn. — Cautious; circumspect; watchful. See Cautious.

(War"ye) v. t. [AS. wergian, wyrgean. Cf. Worry.] To curse; to curse; to execrate; to condemn; also, to vex. [Obs.] [Spelled also warrie, warry, and wary.] "Whom I thus blame and warye." Chaucer.

(Was) [AS. wæs, 2d pers. w&aemacrre, 3d pers. wæs, pl. w&aemacrron, with the inf. wesan to be; akin to D. wezen, imp. was, OHG. wesan, imp. was, G. wesen, n., a being, essence, war was, Icel. vera to be, imp. var, Goth. wisan to be, to dwell, to remain, imp. was, Skr. vas to remain, to dwell. &radic148. Cf. Vernacular, Wassail, Were, v.] The first and third persons singular of the verb be, in the indicative mood, preterit (imperfect) tense; as, I was; he was.

(Wase) n. [Cf. Sw. vase a sheaf.] A bundle of straw, or other material, to relieve the pressure of burdens carried upon the head. [Prov. Eng.] Halliwell.

(Wash) v. t. [imp. & p. p. Washed (wosht); p. pr. & vb. n. Washing.] [OE. waschen, AS. wascan; akin to D. wasschen, G. waschen, OHG. wascan, Icel. & Sw. vaska, Dan. vaske, and perhaps to E. water. &radic150.]

covered with bristles, but there is long dorsal mane. The South African species (Phacochœrus Æthiopicus) is the best known. Called also vlacke vark. The second species (P. Æliani) is native of the coasts of the Red Sea.

(Wart"less), a. Having no wart.

(Wart"weed`) n. (Bot.) Same as Wartwort.

(Wart"wort`) n. (Bot.) A name given to several plants because they were thought to be a cure for warts, as a kind of spurge and the nipplewort

(Wart"y) a.

1. Having warts; full of warts; overgrow with warts; as, a warty leaf.

2. Of the nature of warts; as, a warty excrescence.

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