Voting paper, a form of ballot containing the names of more candidates than there are offices to be filled, the voter making a mark against the preferred names. [Eng.]

(Vot"ist), n. One who makes a vow. [Obs.] Chapman.

(Vo"tive) a. [L. votivus, fr. votum a vow: cf. F. votif. See Vow.] Given by vow, or in fulfillment of a vow; consecrated by a vow; devoted; as, votive offerings; a votive tablet. "Votive incense." Keble.

We reached a votive stone, that bears the name
Of Aloys Reding.

Embellishments of flowers and votive garlands.

Votive medal, a medal struck in grateful commemoration of some auspicious event.Votive offering, an offering in fulfillment of a religious vow, as of one's person or property.

Vo"tive*ly, adv.Vo"tive*ness, n.

(Vo"tress) n. A votaress. Dryden.

(Vouch) v. t. [imp. & p. p. Vouched ; p. pr. & vb. n. Vouching.] [OE. vouchen, OF. vochier to call, fr. L. vocare to call, fr. vox, vocis, voice. See Voice, and cf. Avouch.]

1. To call; to summon. [Obs.]

[They] vouch (as I might say) to their aid the authority of the writers.
Sir T. Elyot.

2. To call upon to witness; to obtest.

Vouch the silent stars and conscious moon.

3. To warrant; to maintain by affirmations; to attest; to affirm; to avouch.

They made him ashamed to vouch the truth of the relation, and afterwards to credit it.

4. To back; to support; to confirm; to establish.

Me damp horror chilled
At such bold words vouched with a deed so bold.

5. (Law) To call into court to warrant and defend, or to make good a warranty of title.

He vouches the tenant in tail, who vouches over the common vouchee.

Syn. — To obtest; declare; affirm; attest; warrant; confirm; asseverate; aver; protest; assure.

(Vouch), v. i.

3. To declare by general opinion or common consent, as if by a vote; as, he was voted a bore. [Colloq.]

4. To condemn; to devote; to doom. [Obs.] Glanvill.

(Vot"er) n. One who votes; one who has a legal right to vote, or give his suffrage; an elector; a suffragist; as, an independent voter.

(Vot"ing), a. & n. from Vote, v.

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