Volti subito[It.] (Mus.), turn over quickly.

(||Vol`ti*geur) n. [F., fr. voltiger to vault, It. volteggiare. See Volt a tread.]

1. A tumbler; a leaper or vaulter.

2. (Mil.) One of a picked company of irregular riflemen in each regiment of the French infantry.

(Volt"me`ter) n. [2d volt + - meter.] (elec.) An instrument for measuring in volts the differences of potential between different points of an electrical circuit.

(Voltz"ite) n. [So named in honor of Voltz, a French engineer.] (Min.) An oxysulphide of lead occurring in implanted spherical globules of a yellowish or brownish color; — called also voltzine.

(Vo*lu"bi*late Vol"u*bile) , a. [See Voluble.] Turning, or whirling; winding; twining; voluble.

(Vol`u*bil"i*ty) n. [L. volubilitas: cf. F. volubilité.] The quality or state of being voluble

(Vol"u*ble) a. [L. volubilis, fr. volvere, volutum, to roll, to turn round; akin to Gr. to infold, to inwrap, to roll, G. welle a wave: cf. F. voluble. Cf. F. Well of water, Convolvulus, Devolve, Involve, Revolt, Vault an arch, Volume, Volute.]

1. Easily rolling or turning; easily set in motion; apt to roll; rotating; as, voluble particles of matter.

2. Moving with ease and smoothness in uttering words; of rapid speech; nimble in speaking; glib; as, a flippant, voluble, tongue.

[Cassio,] a knave very voluble.

Voluble was used formerly to indicate readiness of speech merely, without any derogatory suggestion. "A grave and voluble eloquence." Bp. Hacket.

3. Changeable; unstable; fickle. [Obs.]

4. (Bot.) Having the power or habit of turning or twining; as, the voluble stem of hop plants.

Voluble stem(Bot.), a stem that climbs by winding, or twining, round another body.

Vol"u*ble*ness, n.Vol"u*bly, adv.

(Vol"ume) n. [F., from L. volumen a roll of writing, a book, volume, from volvere, volutum, to roll. See Voluble.]

1. A roll; a scroll; a written document rolled up for keeping or for use, after the manner of the ancients. [Obs.]

The papyrus, and afterward the parchment, was joined together [by the ancients] to form one sheet, and then rolled upon a staff into a volume
Encyc. Brit.

Voltatype to Vomiturition

(Vol"ta*type) n. [Voltaic + type.] An electrotype. [R.]

(||Vol"ti) imperative. [It., fr. voltare to turn. See Volt a tread.] (Mus.) Turn, that is, turn over the leaf.

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