Syn. — Empty; vacant; devoid; wanting; unfurnished; unsupplied; unoccupied.

(Void), n. An empty space; a vacuum.

Pride, where wit fails, steps in to our defense,
And fills up all the mighty void of sense.

(Void), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Voided; p. pr. & vb. n. Voiding.] [OF. voidier, vuidier. See Void, a.]

1. To remove the contents of; to make or leave vacant or empty; to quit; to leave; as, to void a table.

Void anon her place.

If they will fight with us, bid them come down,
Or void the field.

2. To throw or send out; to evacuate; to emit; to discharge; as, to void excrements.

A watchful application of mind in voiding prejudices.

With shovel, like a fury, voided out
The earth and scattered bones.
J. Webster.

3. To render void; to make to be of no validity or effect; to vacate; to annul; to nullify.

After they had voided the obligation of the oath he had taken.
Bp. Burnet.

It was become a practice . . . to void the security that was at any time given for money so borrowed.

(Void), v. i. To be emitted or evacuated. Wiseman.

(Void"a*ble) a.

1. Capable of being voided, or evacuated.

2. (Law) Capable of being avoided, or of being adjudged void, invalid, and of no force; capable of being either avoided or confirmed.

If the metropolitan . . . grants letters of administration, such administration is not, but voidable by sentence.

A voidable contract may be ratified and confirmed; to render it null and of no effect, it must be avoided; a void contract can not be ratified.

(Void"ance) n.

1. The act of voiding, emptying, ejecting, or evacuating.

2. (Eccl.) A ejection from a benefice.

3. The state of being void; vacancy, as of a benefice which is without an incumbent.

4. Evasion; subterfuge. [Obs.] Bacon.

(Void"ed), a.

1. Emptied; evacuated.

2. Annulled; invalidated.

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