Vitruvian scroll(Arch.), a name given to a peculiar pattern of scrollwork, consisting of convolved undulations. It is used in classical architecture. Oxf. Gloss.

(||Vit"ta) n.; pl. Vittæ [L. vitta ribbon, fillet.]

1. (Bot.) One of the oil tubes in the fruit of umbelliferous plants.

2. (Zoöl.) A band, or stripe, of color.

(Vit"tate) a. [L. vittatus bound with a fillet, fr. vitta fillet.]

1. (Bot.) Bearing or containing vittæ.

2. Striped longitudinally.

(Vit"u*line) a. [L. vitulinus, fr. vitulus a calf. See Veal.] Of or pertaining to a calf or veal.

(Vi*tu"per*a*ble) a. [L. vituperabilis: cf. F. vitupérable.] Liable to, or deserving, vituperation, or severe censure.

(Vi*tu"per*ate) v. t. [L. vituperatus, p. p. of vituperare to blame, vituperate; vitium a fault + parare to prepare. See Vice a fault, and Pare, v. t.] To find fault with; to scold; to overwhelm with wordy abuse; to censure severely or abusively; to rate.

(Vi*tu`per*a"tion) n. [L. vituperatio: cf. OF. vituperation. See Vituperate.] The act of vituperating; abuse; severe censure; blame.

When a man becomes untractable and inaccessible by fierceness and pride, then vituperation comes upon him.

(Vi*tu"per*a*tive) a. Uttering or writing censure; containing, or characterized by, abuse; scolding; abusive.Vi*tu"per*a*tive*ly, adv.

Vituperative appellations derived from their real or supposed ill qualities.
B. Jonson.

(Vi*tu"per*a`tor) n. [L.] One who vituperates, or censures abusively.

(Vi`tu*per"ri*ous) a. Worthy of vituperation; shameful; disgraceful. [Obs.]

(||Vi*va"ce) a. & adv. [It.] (Mus.) Brisk; vivacious; with spirit; — a direction to perform a passage in a brisk and lively manner.

(Vi*va"cious) a. [L. vívax, -acis, fr. vivere to live. See Vivid.]

(Vi*tri"o*lous) a. See Vitriolic. [Obs.]

(Vit"rite) n. [L. vitrum glass.] A kind of glass which is very hard and difficult to fuse, used as an insulator in electrical lamps and other apparatus.

(Vi*tru"vi*an) a. Of or pertaining to Vitruvius, an ancient Roman architect.

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